Online-Marketing (engl.)

Marketing in the internet has become irreplaceable in the eCommerce in the web 2.0. The range of products and services which are offered by production and trade in the virtual world has grown intensively in the past years. Today, the eCommerce is at least as important as commerce that happens in the “real” world.

In the following find some important tools how to make unique and effective marketing/ advertising for internet presences.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

a) Basis for all following marketing-measures is the optimization of persisting content, on the internet presence. The aim is getting Search Engines like Google to find the websites. The most important website is the start- or homepage, comparable to a door that leads to a house. This is the first point of contact for the web crawler.

b) Beyound the internet presence, the amount of incoming links is also very important. Depending how much websites refer to the website, the search engines will evaluate it as more or less relevant for the searching person. There are a lot of possibilities to get external link to an internet presence, the most important are those, who link from an well-ranked webpage.

  • Metadata
  • Title
  • Headlines H1, H2, H3
  • Matching Content
  • Speed/ Performance
  • External links: directories, streams, social media platforms

Interface Medien prepares internet presences to adapt later online- marketing-measures easiliy. In addition, Interface Medien has a wide range of services to produce any content, that helps your internet presence getting up in the search engines (text, video, pictures, podcasts, news, publications…).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

To improve the results for the search engine exposure, it can be very reasonable to take out sponsored ads – for example Google Adwords. Referring to the search item the engine gives out matching ads – the key of success to Google.
This kind of marketing is often very reasonable, in the beginning AND during marketing-measures in search engines.

Newsletter- Marketing

Newsletter-Marketing is a very famous instrument to activate people to get in interaction with your business. Convince them to participate in polls, competitions, buy price-reduced products or recommend products and services to their friends and family. Newsletter-Marketing makes an internet presence lively and get people to action.
But: It is important to ask someone with experience to create a newsletter. There are a lot of mistakes waiting for you (boring content, to much information …).
Only professional newsletters lead to a constant impact.


A cooperation with an Affiliate-partner is for everyone involved. The idea is: A banner ad from a internet presence leads to your shop. When user click on it (and buy anything), you give a low percentage to your affiliate partner – easy as it can be. The most important thing for you and your partners is to make sure, that the usertracking is working properly.

  • CPS (Cost per sale)
  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • CPA (Cost per action)
  • CPO (Cost per Order)
  • CPM (Cost per thousand (views))


Satisfied clients will recommend your business – a very easy but precious perception. Interface Medien uses that benefit and installs programs/ campaigns to amplify the recommendation of your clients.
There are many examples; it is possible to give away vouchers, make price-reducing measures for successful recommending users of your products. The target is: Rise the amount of potential clients!

Public Relations, Online-PR

Step by step you are building reputation for your business/ your brand(s). This is a very responsible work, especially in the internet. It takes plenty of time to form your brand/ company name. But: Years of building up can be broken within minutes: When people on the web does not like your business, and you are not reacting in a professional way, the reputation can go down very quickly.
Interface Medien builds up press kits, containing press releases, catalogues, folder, give aways and other business publications.

Web 2.0/ Social Web

Web 2.0 means to get people to interact with other people on the web or a range of internet presences. People are no longer only receivers, they are communicators and are implemented in the decision-making of companies and brands that are basically situated in the internet. The internet is no longer a place for people who know how coding works or can explain the technology of RSS – it is now for everbody. It is easy to be a part of it using facebook, instagram, tiktok or youtube.

Interface Medien gives professional advise, if and which Social Network makes sense to use and what to do with a Social Profile. Maybe it is recommendable for you to use a Wiki or Blog. In the planning of a project on a Social Network, Interface Medien helps your business to identify a matching campaign.